Create together, generate ideas, and reveal talents… Ready… Steady… Script!

Do you want to highlight the creative side of your teams? Put them in competition for the creation of adverts!
CRÉA PUB CHALLENGE is the ideal workshop to communicate about your last innovation, motivate your team around a major launch, mobilise colleagues to work on the image of the company, create emulation or simply share a friendly moment together. To succeed in creating the best advert, every team will have at their disposal professional filming equipment and all the necessary accessories for the creation of their advert.

The contents of your Team Building


The participants are divided into groups of approximately 10 people and define the role of everyone: who will be the scriptwriter, the actor, the director, the dialogue writer or the property man?

The final result and the different advertising videos will be memories for you and your teams, with surprising results, thanks to a winning blend: creativity, teamwork, collective energy and professional supervision.


After the technical briefing, it will be time for every team to meet and start the preparation of their advert. Each playing their respective parts will contribute to the making and obtain the perfect advert thanks to a series of rehearsals.


With three shots maximum, the advert has to draw attention, convey a message and make a brand or a product recognizable. Each team has to write a scenario from the storyboard to the selections of the shots, to finalise the direction and all the subtleties of your advertising video with the director that accompanies you and who will make the editing.

And why can’t you consider broadcasting a video to make the « buzz » on a product, your company or simply the energy of your teams?

The teams of the Palais Beaumont have tested for you the CRÉA-PUB Challenge

60 to 100 people
Duration 3 hours
Service availability: year round

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After-workshop drinks

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