Commitment to outstanding services

Quality services

We are proud to provide high quality services and strive for continual improvement. In autumn 2014, we received France Congrès Quality and Sustainable Development Charter certification and ISO 9001 certification in May 2016.

A continuous improvement approach: ISO 9001 Certification in May 2016


The 7 principles of ISO 9001

Principle 1: Customer Orientation
Principle 2: Management’s Responsibility
Principle 3: Staff involvement
Principle 4: Process approach
Principle 5: Improvement
Principle 6: Evidence-based decision-making
Principle 7: Management of relations with interested parties

Le Palais Beaumont: an environmentally friendly conference centre

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The Palais Beaumont team is actively involved in promoting sustainable development and takes its initiatives very seriously. It is our job to provide you ideal conditions to host your event. At the Palais Beaumont, we wanted your hosting experience to also be respectful of People and the Environment so it can be as sustainable as possible. To this end, the Palais Beaumont implemented a targeted approach and received  France Congrès Quality and Sustainable Development Charter certification in December 2014.


To encourage our team in a fun way, SPL Palais Beaumont has undertaken several actions for the environment:

Recycling, Waste recovery and Water management

  • Collection points installed in offices for: paper recycling, used ink cartridges, batteries, light bulbs and other hazardous waste. Skips for glass collection, and partnerships with recycling and waste collection service providers.
  • Establishment of a waste management procedure
  • Using certified, recyclable products, and many environmentally friendly products/services, sending documents by email and digital archiving
  • Waste recovery or recycling (Emmaüs, etc.)
  • Using water dispensers instead of bottled water, water flow regulators, etc. 

Energy management

  • Commitment to responsible energy management through regular monitoring of consumption and targeted management of installed systems (heating, air conditioning).
  • Using motion detectors for lighting, low-energy light bulbs and timers in remote locations. 
  • Using natural lighting in every room (excluding the auditoriums) and applying the principle of free cooling.
  • An action plan  for the building, technical equipment and operations was established, based on an energy audit carried out in March 2013 

Raising awareness of green transport

  • Employee participation in the Aquitaine Mobility Challenge from 16 to 22 September 2013; 11 out of 17 employees came to work by other means than alone in their car
  • Raising staff awareness of transport alternatives – on foot or by bike and use of trains for sales and marketing people
  • Video conferencing system to reduce the need for travel


To promote social cohesion and safety for all our employees, SPL Palais Beaumont has implemented various measures.

Health and Safety
  • A departmental commission for safety and accessibility visits every two years to assess the building’s compliance
  • A defibrillator and oxygen therapy may be used by our specialised teams.
  • Emergency resources are made available to staff and the general public (emergency lighting, smoke control equipment, fire doors, fire extinguishers, fire detection system, signage, assembly points, etc.)
  • An action plan was established based on an occupational risk assessment to improve employee working conditions
Staff training
  • Each member of the technical department has at least a Level 1 SIAAP certificate (basic level of the French qualification for fire safety and first aid), and some employees have an SST certificate (first aid at work)
  • A training programme offering a variety of courses is developed every year to help employees improve their professional skills
  • A training course on evacuation and firefighting resources is offered to the whole team, for their own safety and the safety of the general public present on-site.
  • Staff training and awareness of sustainable development practices and a medium-term improvement plan
  • A quarterly information session is held for all employees to assess progress and share views.
  • Donation of 10 % of turnover to the association for teaching sick children in 2009 (the only one in France!)


To accompany in a better way our customers in the organisation and the hosting of their event, we established a number of tools allowing to better meet your expectations.

Customer support
  • A single person works by your side, before, during and after your event to meet all your demands and to accompany you during your event.
  • External service providers whose staff and skills in addition to ours, work with us to provide a full range of services within the setting of the holding of a conference; For catering, we work exclusively with listed caterers to guarantee to the participants the quality of the dishes and the respect of sanitary standards.
  • An organisation and a project-monitoring to offer you the best service: advice, quality of the services, deadline for responses.
  • Feedback forms are proposed after the debriefing to rate the event and to root our company in a continuous improvement approach.
  • Communication tools and specific documents (brochures, website) are available to present you our offer, policy and expertise.
Quality management
  • ISO 9001 Certification in May 2016: see above “The 8 principles of ISO 9001”


In the interests of protecting our environment, the Palais Beaumont innovates every year and provides its various clients, partners, service providers and others with environmentally friendly services.

Environmental impact assessment tool

Available at
To give all event organisers the chance to assess the environmental impact of their event, Le Collectif pour des Evénements Responsables has developed a free self-diagnostic tool, known as ADERE.

Used battery and mobile phone recycling

The Palais Beaumont makes it easy to recycle your used batteries and old mobile phones thanks to the different stations at the reception.

Promotion of green transport
  • Carpooling and trains for participants travelling here
  • Partnership with a pedicab company (Cycloville)
  • Internet registrations and electronic payments
Social and Solidarity economy & Fair trade
  • Listed caterers using organic and local products and “fair breaks”
  • Using eco-designed roller and canvas banners
  • Eco-designed stands
  • Using companies that support professional integration

A continuous improvement approach: towards ISO 9001 certification

The 8 principles of ISO 9001

Principle 1: Customer focus
Principle 2: Leadership
Principle 3: Involvement of people
Principle 4: Process approach
Principle 5: Systems approach to management
Principle 6: Continual improvement
Principle 7: Factual approach to decision making
Principle 8: Mutually beneficial supplier relationships

Pau Pyrénées is getting organised

Many projects and services promoting sustainable development have been developed and planned by the Agglomeration, allowing the City of Pau to gradually position itself as an environmentally friendly destination, while encouraging residents to benefit from these initiatives.


The City of Pau has committed to a sustainable development action plan. The sustainable development strategy was presented in July 2011 and shared with the various local stakeholders. Five major challenges were set for the future:

Challenge 1: Allowing every inhabitant to take action on sustainable development
Challenge 2: Promoting responsible production methods and consumption patterns
Challenge 3: Fighting and adapting to climate change
Challenge 4: Creating better conditions for living together
Challenge 5: Reconciling nature and urban development

For all the actions set by the City of Pau, please visit the following website:


Geographical location

The Palais Beaumont’s central location in the heart of the historic centre, near the railway station, hotels and the city centre, means that all visitors can park their vehicles on arrival in Pau, to be retrieved only when leaving the city. Everything can be done on foot, or by bus for longer distances.

Transport options

The funicular, the free city centre shuttle bus Coxitis, Mobilboard (Segway personal transporters), pedicabs, or for a quick return journey Pau’s 43 available taxis are listed. In addition to these options, 200 bicycles are available from 20 stations through Idecycle, and 15 cars through the car club Idelib.
Since this past summer, Transports64 has been providing connections between rural areas and cities to reduce single occupancy car use. The Idelis bus network, which provides services in 14 communes of Greater Pau, has just developed an on-demand service for disabled people.
For all maps, timetables and bus stops, please consult the interactive network map by clicking here; Or visit the Idelis network website to see which transport option suits better your needs.


Pau, an easily accessible city

The city of Pau, situated in the centre of South West France, has excellent transport links with Toulouse, Bordeaux and Biarritz, guaranteeing you an easy access for planning and running your event. For further details on how to get here or the directions given, please click here.

Car Park

Once you have arrived, a large number of parking spaces are available in the immediate vicinity of the Palais Beaumont.
Underground car park beneath the Palais Beaumont with 150 spaces.
Over 4,500 car park spaces in Pau’s city centre, with a free shuttle service.