brasserie la belle epoque


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2016, the SPL Palais Beaumont includes the activity of the Brasserie

The view of the Pyrenees from the brasserie is undoubtedly one of its most beautiful advantage. This is a brand, a promise, an obvious fact that guided our approach to give to this meeting place a “100% Pyrenees” mark. A dimension that we can find in the atmosphere, the furniture, the menu, the style, the entertainments and the products proposed by the Palais Beaumont. Our ambition is to make of LA BELLE ÉPOQUE a new and different place in Pau, a place that has no equivalent.

A meeting place

LA BELLE ÉPOQUE will offer you regularly a diversity of activity favoring friendly moment over a glass, on the terrace or on the lawn within the framework of professional meetings or on the occasion of important milestones in the territory.  Also on the programme, thematic musical evenings and economic meetings to feel the pulse of local events


Palais Beaumont
Allée Alfred de Musset
64000 Pau
Tel. : 05 59 11 21 07

Open 7 days a week
Close on sunday and monday evening


Carte Brasserie La Belle Epoque Palais Beaumont de Pau P2
Carte Brasserie La Belle Epoque Palais Beaumont de Pau P3



1890, Marvel of the Belle Époque, the Palais d’Hiver (winter palace) is inaugurated
by the Mayor of Pau, Henri FAISANS. Its vocation: to become a prestigious meeting place for an international luxury clientele, in Pau on the occasion of winter water cure. During the 19th century, Pau is a major and prestigious place for the great men. The Palais d’Hiver included a Palmarium (palm greenhouse) topped by an immense dome made of glass and metal, a splendid terrace with view of the  Pyrenees and the park, four café-restaurant dining rooms, a theatre, various lounges and soon after a casino.

2000, The Palais d’Hiver is renovated
at the instigation of André Labarrère, Mayor of Pau,  it retained its 1928 appearance with its beautiful winter gardens, it became a Historic convention centre: this marked the birth of the Palais Beaumont.