Academice: a cross-border cooperation Palais Beaumont – Baluarte

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ACADEMICE: a cross-border cooperation Palais Beaumont – Baluarte, a shared ambition

In 2016, the conference centres of Pamplona (Baluarte) and Pau (Palais Beaumont) commit in a collaborative approach: ACADEMICE. It is based on historical links, similar territorial scales, close cultural identity (orchestra, festivals), quest for competitiveness, shared reflexion (shared facilities). Its purpose: a shared economic development, in accordance with quality and sustainable development commitments of the establishments.


ACADEMICE is based on two fields of cooperation (hence its name ACADE-MICE) and have to generate impacts in both areas:

Training (ACADEMIA):  the shared learning by both centres answers and strengthens their Sustainable Development, Quality and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) commitments

Business tourism (the acronym MICE: Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions, is the core business of both congress centres): the creation and share events must be a lever of development of revenues for both centres and economic impacts for their respective territories from 2017.

Actions already started for a realisation from 2017: joint symphonic production and Pyrenean Film Festival.

A shared will of learning

Baluarte and the Palais Beaumont host each year more than 600 activities (artistic performances, conferences, fairs and meetings) with more than 600.000 participants. The activity of both centres has an economic impact estimated at around 25 million of euros. With ACADEMICE, our two cities, which proved more than once their ability to host major events, want to strengthen their strategic collaboration. Our partnership rests on a shared ambition and action that will be adjusted during the programme. Our reflexion on business tourism and its evolutions, the sharing of our analysis tools and events will allow us to better understand major issues and to comprehend the right way forward to generate economic impact by 2017.  More than a contractual programme, our approach is part of a will to build a balanced, sustainable and human partnership relation to the services of our territories.”
Odile DENIS, President of the SPL Palais Beaumont

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